Large Format Scanning

Large format scanning

One of our services is the scanning of large format documents and drawings.
At the Copie-Sjop we have access to a powerful large format scanner for scanning your large format originals. The scanned files can be delivered in various file formats, including: PDF, JPG and / or TIF. To make it even easier for you, we can also take care of the transport of your documents and drawings. If you would like to know more about our scanning service or would you like to know what we can do with scanned files, please contact us.

Of course we also offer the possibility to reproduce the scanned files.

Some features of the scanner

Originals:Both CAD drawings and photo work on paper, transparent or polyester.
Max. width of originals:up to 91.4 centimeters.
Max. length originals:up to 235 centimeters.
Max. thickness of originals:up to 0.8 mm.
Type of scans:line art, grayscale as RGB.
Storage:JPG, Tiff or PDF.
Resolution:max. 600 DPI.

Our prices for large format scans in black and white
(including VAT)

Single scan:€ 3.00 each.
from 10 scans:€ 2.75 each.
from 50 scans:€ 2.50 each.
from 100 scans:€ 2.25 each.

Our prices for large format scans in color (including VAT)

Single scan:€ 7.50 each.
from 10 scans:€ 6.50 each.
from 50 scans:€ 5.50 each.
from 100 scans:€ 4.50 each.

Contact us for more questions.