Print photos or have passport photos taken? It’s all possible in the Copie-Sjop! At the Copie-Sjop we have an extensive photo service.

You can contact us to have your photos printed on glossy paper in the traditional sizes 9 × 13, 10 × 15, 11 × 15, 13 × 18, 20 × 25 and 20 × 30 cm. You can also have your photos printed in large format, see the pages of the big format .

We also have various photo gifts such as mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, aprons, etc.

Deliver You can visit us with your memory carrier or telephone and the photos will be printed directly for you. You can also upload your order using our order page. In 90% of cases, your photos will be ready the same day.

File type Photos are saved by the camera as a JPG file, if you have edited your photos in a photo editing program, save them as JPG (.jpg) at maximum quality. Then gives the best end result. We cannot process the RAW format.

Color All images with a digital camera are in RGB. An RGB color is associated with a so-called color space. This is standard on all cameras sRGB and that also gives the best print quality. If you have set your camera to black and white (monochrome), it is actually still an RGB color photo, with the difference that the values of Red, Green and Blue are the same. Such black and white photos print well and without color blur.

Size Almost all digital cameras take pictures in a 4: 3 ratio, the same ratio as a monitor. The traditional photo format has a 2: 3 ratio with a print of 10 × 15 cm. If you have your 4: 3 photo files printed at for example 10 × 15 cm, you will lose 7 mm of the image at the top and bottom.

Prices Photo Print Service

We charge 1.10 starting costs for each assignment

Format up to 50 pieces from 50 pieces from 100 pieces from 250 pieces
9 x 13 cm0,280,270,230,17
10 x 15 cm0,290,280,240,18
11 x 15 cm0,300,290,260,20
13 x 18 cm0,490,470,440,40
15 x 20 cm0,980,960,940,89
20 x 25 cm1,651,621,581,45
20 x 30 cm1,951,901,801,65