PostNL Business Point
We at Copie-Sjop are a PostNL Business Point. You can contact us for almost all PostNL services, at the bottom of the page is a summary of the services offered.
The opening hours of our post office are the same as the regular opening hours. You can therefore also have a car transferred or sent a registered letter with us in the evening or at the weekend. The PO boxes are also available during our opening hours.
Letters and parcels that you hand in Monday to Friday will be picked up for delivery no later than 6.30 pm the same day.

Not at home?
It is possible that you are not at home when a package is delivered. Then the driver will leave a ticket for you with a ‘not home code’. With this code you can see on track & trace where and when you can pick up your package. Packages remain at the parcel point for 7 days, after which they are returned to the sender.

A valid / original ID of the collector is required to collect parcels and registered letters.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to call the Copie-Sjop to see if your mail item has arrived, you really have to come by.

What does it cost?
In principle, the costs for sending packages are for the sender. However, this does not always apply to letter parcels and parcels from countries outside the European Union. These packages are cleared and can be used for this clearance costs are calculated.

Have the package picked up by someone else
If you are unable to collect your package yourself, someone else can do this for you. You must then authorize the other party to receive the package intended for you. For this you can, for example, fill in the back of the receipt of the package. Pay attention! You cannot have someone else pick up ID items and judicial letters. You must collect these documents personally.

Any questions?
For all questions about PostNL and its services, you can contact PostNL via customer service PostNL.

Below are a number of direct links to the PostNL website with the most requested parts

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