Large format

The file format for large format color prints is PDF, TIFF or JPG.

You choose PDF when your document is not created in a photo program, but consists of text, lines, and graphics. For example: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Illustrator, Corel-Draw, Autocad etc.

You create a PDF file by printing your file to the PDF creator or the Distiller.

In the job settings, the color and grayscale images must be set to 300 DPI, and the monochrome images to 1200 DPI.

All fonts used must be included. The PDF should not contain transparent areas and / or layers.

We can email you a job settings file, stating your acrobat version.

PDF files saved from Photoshop & Illustrator may not contain layers, they will not be recognized. Also make sure that all fonts are embedded.

Wrong PDF files:
All risks related to incorrect PDF files are for the customer.

You choose a TIFF or JPG file if your original was made in a photo program. For example: Photoshop, Photo-paint, Paint Shop Pro, or if your file is from a digital camera. Images in RGB give the best result.

Make sure your image consists of only 1 layer and check the dimensions. The ideal resolution is 150 DPI. Save the image as TIFF with no compression or JPG with minimal compression. If you don’t have the software to make the posters, you can use the computers in the shop.