Powis Parker


Powis Parker
With Powis Parker, the paper is glued together by means of a tape and a thick layer of glue. The bound document is easy to open, whether this is done 1 or 200 times. Because the thermoplastic glue gets between each page, it is virtually impossible for a bound document to fall apart. With this method of binding it is possible to use any conceivable front, such as plastic or, for example, a completely printed front.

Powis Parker is available in various colors, has a sleek business look and the look and feel of a bound book.

Powis Parker binding strips are available in the following sizes;

Measure Number of sheets * price
Small 4 – 120 € 2.50
Medium 120-225 € 3.25
Large 225-300 € 4.00

The number of sheets is based on 80 grams paper and is an indication.

Mentioned prices include VAT.
Adjusted rates apply to people in possession of a repro ticket.