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Despite well-implemented automation, many paper documents always remain in an organization. In order to be able to use these papers properly in the digital office, it is important that they are periodically digitized. We offer the solution for this, we take care of the full digitization of these documents, such as work orders, purchase invoices, packing slips, work lists, job sheets, etc. so that you can use your documents fully digitally.

The work becomes much more efficient when it is no longer necessary to search through filing cabinets. Moreover, if this data is available via the company network, the data can (depending on your company network) be viewed from any workplace and even from any location. It is important that the digital documents can be used optimally by you, so we are open to your personal wishes and are happy to advise you in order to find a suitable solution for your situation. We deliver custom work, after all no two customers are identical.

Scan subscription
Once you have your administration digital, you will continue to run into paperwork: purchase invoices, work orders, internal company documents, just to name a few. A scan subscription is the best solution to keep up digitally: depending on your wishes, we can scan your new documents weekly or monthly, so you quickly have access to the digital data, and it is also an affordable option. In this way, the costs remain transparent.
Take advantage of our scan subscription and take advantage of our competitive rates. Because the costs depend on your specific wishes, we cannot state a standard price here. You can contact us without obligation so that we can make a quotation for you. The costs of a subscription will certainly be better than expected!

In the event of fire, water damage, etc., a lot of paper data can be permanently lost, digital documents can be backed up in several ways, so that your company data is not lost in the event of such a calamity.

Having documents always available using a laptop, tablet PC, smartphone, etc. is one of the great advantages of using digitization. With this we can help you, so that you can view your reports, reports, manuals, etc. from anywhere.

The benefits of outsourcing
There are no purchase costs for expensive scanners or software.
Delivery times are guaranteed through clear agreements and our generous working hours.
Your employees don’t have to worry about archiving.